About Us

We ensure what matters most,
you, and your legacy!

Welcome to the Waterfront Insurance Network. I am the Broker & President Rhonda L. Hamilton. It is my pleasure to welcome you to what I feel will be a unique opportunity to not only receive customized insurance consultations but also gain insight into the various insurance products that you have access to through our network, which will help to improve the quality of living for you and your loved ones.

Many families across the District, Maryland, and Virginia, are not as educated about their Insurance options as they would like to or should be. While many others don’t have the coverage amounts that they need. At W.I.N. we offer comprehensive training sessions, and one-on-one mentoring and customized assistance to assure that our agents have the help that they need in assuring that families in our network are not just “covered”, but also “satisfied”.

Whether it’s a “final expense” policy or a “term” life product W.I.N. agents have access to cutting edge “quoting” tool software to assure that their customers receive the most competitive premiums and rates available.

Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with advertisements about living longer, eating smarter, & being more fit. Wellness management is on the rise and at W.I.N. we’ve developed our “Network of Insurance” workshops & discussions around all of the important social-economic, politically motivated, and generationally relevant headlines because we want people to “WIN”!

That’s right WIN! The “Baby Boomer” who has transitioned to “fixed” income living and not sure of what Medicare supplements they need, and the “Millennial” family who wants to save for their children’s college, but have little disposable income, all need knowledgeable, friendly, & professional agents that they can trust.

At W.I.N. we are training & equipping today’s professionals with tomorrow’s insurance solutions. Call a W.I. N. agent today, we’re helping to teach families how to plan and to protect their most precious asset, their legacy.

The Waterfront Insurance Network is also seeking qualified, motivated, professionals to help build a network of “empowered” families, small businesses, & individuals, by helping to increase their knowledge of and access to competitive and comprehensive insurance coverage and options.

Are you ready to W.I.N.? Training classes & workshops will be starting soon! Whether you are seeking quality & affordable coverage or seeking to help change lives, we want to hear from you. Tell us how we can help you to choose insurance for the “peace of mind” that you deserve!

Rhonda L. Hamilton,