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Homeowners Insurance

W.I.N. offers homeowners insurance coverages that you can count on.
Quick, affordable, quotes, with a professional touch! That’s the W.I.N. way!

Look at some of the carriers we quote:

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Auto Insurance

Get the insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford.
We will help you get covered so you can keep moving on the road and in life. A W.I.N. Associate is just a click or a call away!

We’ll secure your quote from our network below and you keep on driving:


Mortgage Protection

Additional Info:

  • Disability premium payment available.
  • Waiver of premium for unemployment, available.
  • Refund of all or partial premiums paid.
  • No medical exams required.
  • Electronic Applications available.
  • Terms: 15/20/30 years.
  • This product is designed to pay off a portion of, or the entire mortgage balance, in the event of a premature death of one of the primary wage earner(s).


Additional Info:

  • Interest bearing savings account.
  • 100% safe.
  • Typically earns higher interest than at a bank.
  • Can provide lifetime income.
  • Avoids probate.
  • Flexible tax options.
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Children / Grandchildren Policies

Additional Info:

  • Affordable Coverage.
  • Ages: 14 days – 17 years.
  • Minimum Amount: $5K to $30,000.
  • Builds Cash Value.
  • No medical exams.
  • Guaranteed future insurability.
  • Grandparents can purchase coverage without parents signature.
Seniors and youngsters

College Plans

Additional Info:

  • Competitive, fixed Interest rate.
  • No medical exams.
  • $25 monthly premium available.
  • Cash Accumulation.
  • Ages: 0-75 years.
  • Minimum Amount: $25K up to $250K.
  • Flexible coverage options to include flexible premiums, face value, and policy loans.
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Retirement Planning

Additional Info:

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income.
  • Withdrawals as early as age 50.
  • 10 year contracts available.
  • Ages: 0-85 years.
  • Minimum Amount: $15K to $1,000,000 (+) available.
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Accidental Death

Additional Info:

  • Available for as low as $10/month.
  • No medical exams or questions available.
  • Return of premiums paid, available.
  • Ages: 18-70 years.
  • Up to $500K of coverage and more.

Final Expense

Additional Info:

  • Guaranteed death benefit, premiums, & cash value.
  • Ages: 0-85 years.
  • Minimum Amount: $1K up to $50,000.
  • Smokers & Non Smokers rated the same.
  • Children & Grandchildren riders available.
  • No medical exams.
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Business / Keyman Policy

Additional Info:

  • Guaranteed premiums available.

  • Minimum Amount: $100K to $25,000,000.

  • Terminal Illness rider available for Accelerated Benefits.

  • Renewable to age 95.

  • Terms: 10/15/20/30 years.

  • Ages: 18-75 years.

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