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The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance

The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, also known as SIAA, is a national alliance of independent insurance agencies dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system. Thus, providing the Waterfront Insurance Network agency with a solid foundation for helping their customers to WIN!

W.I.N.’s affiliation with the SIAA offers access to competitive markets and a wealth of resources to successfully aid in our vast product selections. We value the relationships built with our multiple carrier affiliations because it allows us access to cutting-edge coverages, and opportunities to offer customized choices and pricing.

Many of W.I.N.’s families and customers have already benefitted from having access to multiple types of policies and coverages. W.I.N. associates can offer well-rounded coverage options for just about any insurance need that exists. Whether you are shopping your rate or just curious about taking steps to properly insuring your family’s legacy, we’ve got an array of choices thanks to the SIAA and our alliance.

We’re proud to be a member of a tradition that spans over thirty-five (+) years of providing families and individuals with competitive, customized, and quality coverages. Whether you are seeking to compare auto coverage or implement a business owner’s policy, we’re sure we can help.

When it comes to the property & casualty needs of our client base, we depend on our affiliation as a member of the SIAA network to assure that our customers get more than just the “normal” choices. We provide our customers with quotes from A(+) rated carriers as well as quotes when needed from our specialty carrier relationships.

At W.I.N. we’ve got a network of coverages thanks to the SIAA!

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